The Minster Nursery and Infant School (VA)


Dates for viewing the Reception and Nursery for children starting  school in Sept 2019 
All dates are Wednesdays,  from 9.45- 10.30am, no creche facilities available so ideally it is just for parents :
Parents to contact the school office via phone or email.
Thank you

Welcome from the Head Teacher, Mrs Stephanie Edmonds

Thank you for showing interest in our Ofsted Outstanding school. We are privileged to educate nearly 400 pupils aged 2 to 7 years old. As you browse through the pages on this website, I know you will understand much of our ethos, vision and values that are so important to us.  You will also see that our Outstanding judgement comes from an Ofsted inspection in May 2008. There is a reason why Ofsted haven’t been back: it’s because our results continue to improve year-on-year; building on our long tradition of excellence.

We have a good blend of excellent teachers who have been with us for years, faithfully serving our community and families-some for over a decade! We also have dedicated newer teachers who bring a fresh outlook to grow and develop well in our collegiate and nurturing school. We work closely with other schools which have been judged Outstanding in recent times to look for ways to continually improve outcomes for your children. For example, introducing out-door learning in every year group similar to Forest school and our very successful Read, Write Inc Phonics teaching.Here, at The Minster Nursery and Infant School, we never forget that your child is a unique and sentient human being with unknown potential to achieve amazing things. We are passionate and determined to do all we can to work with you to ensure the brightest future for your child; not just for the time that your child is with us, but to help him/her on his/her way to having the best choices at 16, 18 and beyond. As a parent myself, I know only too well how quickly that time passes.

We place high value on relationships to honour one another as though we, each of us, are sons and daughters of the King of kings. We ensure that every one is valued and celebrated regardless of race, gender, age, disability, religion or socio-economic background.

Underpinning our ethos are four main principles: empathy, unconditional positive regard, honesty and a non-judgemental approach. The mix of these ingredients means that our children have hope and can believe that bright futures are theirs to claim. These are the perfect conditions for optimum growth and progress. Although we are a big school, we have a ‘small school’ feel.

We know that your child is not a stand-alone unit or a walking pack of ‘results data’. Your child belongs to a family unit which is often complex in nature. This is why we have a Family Liaison Officer who is available to work with you through life’s ups and downs to help you provide the best childhood for your child.

We have an exciting programme of refurbishment in the school so that your child can learn, grow and develop in beautiful and comfortable surroundings.

I hope you will come and see for yourself and choose us.

I wish you every blessing as you make such an important decision about where to send your child to school.

Mrs Stephanie Edmonds

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We are one of two Primary Schools at our address.
The Minster Junior school can be found here.