Consultation for Proposed Changes to the School Admissions Arrangements for Sept 2019-20

Consultation period Friday 1st December 2017 to Friday 19th January 2018

Please follow the links at the foot of this page to open or download the proposed changes to the School Admission Policy to take effect from Sept 2019.

As a result of the school receiving an updated version of the Southwark Diocese Board of Education school admission code dated May 2017 the main changes are:

  • Revisions to defining Christian commitment. The amendments clarify what is and what is not acceptable as qualifying activities over and above regular attendance.
  • Revisions to include reference to the provision on our Supplementary Information form (SIF) to allow for a Minister to determine whether or not an applicant faced unavoidable circumstances that prevented their attendance at worship for the specified frequency or duration. Amendments to our SIF allow applicants to detail these circumstances; the relevant Minister is then asked to make a determination.
  • Added information regarding Fair Access details for pupils who are hard to place in accordance with the locally agreed fair access protocol.

If you have any views or comments on these changes please forward them via the above email address, to the school office by Friday 19th January 2018

Yours sincerely

Mrs S Edmonds
Head Teacher

Letter: Notification to Parents of Proposed Changes to Admissions Policy for 2019-20
DRAFT – AdmissionsPolicy 2019-20 Nov2017
DRAFT – Supplementary Application Form 2019-2020 17.11.2017