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The Foundation Stage

In both Nursery and Reception, which are together called the Foundation Stage there is a strong emphasis on learning through play and exploration. The outdoor area is considered as important as a classroom. In the nursery there is a free-flow learning environment where children make their own choice of activities. Children are supported in their learning by the nursery team of one teacher and three nursery key workers. The Reception team of four Class Teachers and four Teaching Assistants work closely together to provide an integrated learning environment for the children. The Early Learning Goals form the statutory Foundation Stage Curriculum. There are six areas of the curriculum:-
Personal and Social and Emotional Development,
Language and Literacy,
Mathematical Development,
Knowledge and understanding of the world,
Physical Development and
Creative Development.
Children are encouraged to be independent learners and are supported in making their own choices and decisions. This helps to build confidence and self-esteem. The curriculum is delivered through topics. Topic coverage is linked to Key Stage One to ensure progression in all subjects across the four years your child may spend in the school

Key Stage One

Children in Key Stage One are taught the National Curriculum which covers the subjects – English; Mathematics; Science and Religious Education; Computing; Art and Design; Design and Technology; History; Geography; Music; Physical Education . The children are also taught Personal, Social, Health, Education (PSHE) through the DfE SEAL programme (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning). The teachers in each year group plan each half term’s work together. In this way, we ensure that every child in each class has access to the same opportunities as his or her peers. However, Teachers then adapt the planning to suit the needs of their individual classes. Each classroom is organised in a similar way. Classrooms have areas and resources to suit the needs of various activities. This provides the children with the opportunity to make choices independently of the teacher. For some work the children are organised into groups according to their learning needs. This work will either be under the direction of the class teacher or supported by a teaching assistant. At other times, the teacher will gather them together for whole class teaching. There will also be occasions when they will be given a task to complete with only the minimum of help. In whatever setting the children work, we have high expectations of behaviour and achievement. Each half-term we teach through topic themes and all subjects are linked to the topic theme where possible:
Year 1
Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Senses Stories, including
‘The First Christmas’
Pole to Pole Journeys Light and Colour Mini- beasts
(see Year 1 Curriculum page with current Learning Plans)
At the end of every half term, the children are assessed in the Core Subjects. This is to track their progress according to the the national Curriculum attainment targets. We use the ‘Rising Stars’ curriculum strands as it clearly defines steps to achieve the attainment targets.
Year 2
Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
How can sounds
be changed?
What was life like
during the Plague
and the Great
Fire of London?
How do toys
What is life 
in the 
What’s the story
inside your head?
What is under
the ground?
(see Year 2 Curriculum page with current Learning Plans)
We plan each topic carefully ensuring that all children are taught a broad and balanced curriculum. The highest proportion of time is planned for the teaching and learning of English and Mathematics, the school also has a Religious Education curriculum, which reflects the needs of the local community; we follow the Croydon syllabus. The school has gained the Quality Mark from the Basic Skills Agency which celebrates our commitment to achievement in English and Maths. We have use of an ICT Classroom, Ipads in all classrooms and a Laptop Trolley available for Year 2 Classroom use. Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard which gives enables teachers to use the latest technologies to support teaching and learning.

Further Info
You are most welcome to request further information about the curriculum via office@minsterinfants.co.uk or use our contact form on the contact page.