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Religious Affiliation

The Parish Church CE Nursery and Infant School and Parish Churchimage[6] CE Junior School are Church of England Voluntary Controlled Schools within the Diocese of Southwark and the London Borough of Croydon.   The Parish Church Schools Foundation The Governing Bodies are proud that the Foundation of the Parish Church Schools is Croydon Parish Church, which has been a place of worship in Old Town, Croydon for over 1000 years. There are very strong and good relationships between the church and the schools and we are keen that the Christian ethos of our schools is given a high priority for everyone connected with the education and care of our pupils.   The Christian ethos is firmly rooted in the Church of England tradition and we are respectful of those who come from other traditions and those who have no Christian affiliation and we ask that all our pupils, parents, staff, governors and anyone connected with the schools are equally respectful of those who perhaps have found a different way to God than themselves.   This is the classic Anglican tradition which believes that we have a definite contribution to make in the life of the church but that there are others who also contribute in their own differing ways. We ask of our pupils and their parents that they do not try to coerce others into faith. We believe people come to faith by the gentle invitation of God and by the obvious example that is set by Christian people living and working within any particular situation.   St. Francis of Assisi said to his monks: ‘go and preach the Gospel and, if you must, use words’. We believe that in our schools, if we removed the name and took away any obvious Christian symbols, it would still be clear that we are a Christian school by the way we treat each other, respect each other and care for each other. This is the ethos of the Parish Church Nursery, Infant and Junior Schools and, as part of our admission policy, we ask that parents are very clear that this is the case.   We would rather people know at the beginning the kind of Christian school we are rather than feel in any way disappointed at a later stage. We are proud of our schools and part of what we are proud of is the way in which people of very differing kinds and from all traditions mix together in an open and respectful way. We believe this to be a blessing and we ask that all our pupils and parents respect this part of our common life. Rev. Canon Colin Boswell Chair of Governors