Governor Meetings 2017 – 18

 Faith GroupMarketing TeamRaising Standards

Finance, Pay and Personnel
Full Governing Body

Autumn 1Fri 8th Sept 9.45amWeds 15th NovWeds 20th SeptWeds 20th Sept-housekeeping
Autumn 2Friday 24th Nov 10.30am(Parents' Evening Tues 14th Nov 3-30-6pm & Thurs 16th Nov 3.30-8pm) Friday 24th Nov 10.30amWeds 15th NovWeds 22nd Nov HT PM
Weds 29th Nov-Q2
Weds 29th Nov
Spring 1Weds 31st Jan 1pmWeds 31st Jan 2pmWeds 31st Jan-Q3
Spring 2Weds 14th March 2pm

(Parents’ Eve Tuesday 13th Mar 3.30-6pm and Thur 15th Mar 3.30-8pm)

Weds 14th March 1pm
Weds 7th MarchWeds 21st March-approve SFVS
Summer 1Weds 16th May 2pmWeds 16th May 1pmWeds 25th April-Q4Weds 25th April-yr end and approve budget
Summer 2Weds 27th June 9.30am(KS1 Parent Info Tues 19th June 7pm
Nursery Parent Info Tue 26th June 7pm
Reception Parent Info Tue 3rd July 7pm)
Weds 27th June 11am
Governor’s open day Weds 11th July. NOT 6pmWeds 11th July-Q1 NOT 4.45pmWeds 11th July to incorporate F, P and P Q1 and RS end of year attainment data.