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Governor Meetings 2017 – 18

 Faith GroupMarketing TeamRaising Standards

Finance, Pay and Personnel
Full Governing Body

Autumn 1Fri 8th Sept 9.45amWeds 15th NovWeds 20th SeptWeds 20th Sept-housekeeping
Autumn 2Friday 24th Nov 10.30am(Parents' Evening Tues 14th Nov 3-30-6pm & Thurs 16th Nov 3.30-8pm) Friday 24th Nov 10.30amWeds 15th NovWeds 22nd Nov HT PM
Weds 29th Nov-Q2
Weds 29th Nov
Spring 1Weds 31st Jan 1pmWeds 31st Jan 2pmWeds 31st Jan-Q3
Spring 2Weds 14th March 2pm

(Parents’ Eve Tuesday 13th Mar 3.30-6pm and Thur 15th Mar 3.30-8pm)

Weds 14th March 1pm
Weds 7th MarchWeds 21st March-approve SFVS
Summer 1Weds 16th May 2pmWeds 16th May 1pmWeds 25th April-Q4Weds 25th April-yr end and approve budget
Summer 2Weds 27th June 9.30amWeds 27th June 11am
Governor’s open day Weds 11th July. NOT 6pm (as part of FGB)Weds 11th July-Q1 NOT 4.45pmWeds 11th July to incorporate F, P and P Q1 and RS end of year attainment data.