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Partnership with Parents

Holiday Home Learning Each holiday, families are invited to engage with their child and to produce a piece of work on a particular theme. For example, image[5]What it was like at school? Where does your food come from? or making a maths game. They may like to discuss and work with grandparents, older family friends etc. on these topics. Reception At times children will be asked to contribute items for sound tables and class displays. During the Spring and Summer terms there is a weekly focus on letter sounds and phonemes and the children are taught the correct formation, name and sound of the letters. Parents are kept informed of which families of sounds are being taught, maths concepts and can support their child by helping them to learn them. Sharing stories at home is also a regular feature, as is encouragement of each child’s independent writing. Years One and Two Children will be expected to share stories at home on a daily basis. They should remember to bring their book bag to school each day. The children may also be given a mathematical or language activity to reinforce the work they are learning in class. Children will be given a small group of words to practise at home using the ‘Look, say, cover, write and check’ method. Assessment and Reporting to Parents Assessment is a continuous process and enables teachers to monitor each child’s progress in both the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One. Nursery and Reception are referred to as The Foundation Stage and Year One and Year Two are referred to as Key Stage One. At the end of Year Two, each child is assessed using a combination of teacher assessment and national assessment tasks and tests set in Reading Writing , Mathematics and Science. The school, LA and National results are published annually. Parish Church Infant School continues to be well above the LA and national averages in all subjects. Reception At the end of the Reception year, class teachers will complete a Foundation Stage Profile for each child. This will help teachers assess every child’s early experiences and enable them to plan future work. Parents are invited to see this profile and discuss it with the class teacher. At the end of the school year, parents will receive a report on each child’s progress. Year One All children are taught the National Curriculum in Year One. Class teachers make assessments of the children’s work in all areas. At the end of the year, a written report is sent to parents to keep them informed of their child’s progress. Year Two Teacher assessments continue through this year until early in the summer term when full assessments in English, mathematics and science are completed. At present, the assessments are based on Teacher Assessment in all three subjects. As well as the annual school report, parents will receive a written report stating the NC levels achieved by their child. Consultation evenings are held each term. Open Evenings We hold open evenings in the Autumn and Spring terms to give you the opportunity to talk to the teacher about your child’s progress. Teachers will share each child’s targets with their parents, and explanatory notes will be given. If you are ever concerned about any aspect of your child’s education or development please make an appointment to see your child’s teacher or the Headteacher. Curriculum Meetings We hold educational workshops on a regular basis. These give an opportunity for teachers to share aspects of the topics and curriculum with parents. Written reports A written report is forwarded to parents at the end of the summer term each year. This report includes a summary of the year’s activities and a statement of the individual child’s achievement. Parents are invited to make an appointment to discuss this if they wish. The ‘Friends of Parish Church Schools’ Although currently inactive, the ‘Friends’ have been a strong, supportive association of parents and staff who not only raise money for the schools but also arrange events for the school community. All parents are normally, automatically part of this association. We are actively arranging to re-establish this important aspect of the life of the school.