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Privacy & Data Protection

The European-wide General Data Protection Regulation is now UK law and will apply even when we have left the European Union. The reason for it is that  we all need protection from data theft, identity theft and being targetted unscrupulously in our new data-driven world.  The law is designed to protect everyone; children, parents/carers and staff members at The Minster Nursery & Infant School.

One of the main demands of the new law is to ensure transparency about what data we collect, what we do with your data, who it is shared with and how long we keep records for.

The School has recently updated its Data Protection & Information Management Policy.

Here are the Appendices for quick access:

Appendix A – Privacy Notice – Parents, Carers & Pupils

Appendix B – Privacy Notice – Employee Workforce

Appendix C – Photography & Film Consent Form

Appendix D – Photography & Film Alteration or Consent Withdrawal Form

Appendix E – Data Retention Schedule

Appendix F – South Croydon Cluster DPO SLA 18-19
Appendix G – Electronic & Digital Security

Appendix H – Data Risk Schedule

Appendix I  –  DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment) Proforma

Appendix J – School Data Breach Procedure & Form

Appendix K – Tapestry Online Learning Journey parent agreement

Appendix L – Subject Access Request Form

If you require more information about how the Local Authority (LA), and/or DfE, store and use your child’s information, then please go to the following websites: