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Special Educational Needs & Disability

To contact the school about a  Special Educational Needs and Disability issue please enquire via the Contact Us Page

Each Child is an individual. We therefore plan for teaching and learning to meet their varying needs. Occasionally a child may experience particular difficulty with an aspect of the curriculum. We feel it is important to identify and address the child’s needs as soon as possible. Parents and the school should be active partners. We will tell you about your child’s progress; listen to your concerns and work with you to ensure that your child makes progress. Many educational needs can be solved easily or over a short period. Occasionally we may call upon outside specialists to help us. All schools use the Code of Practice on the Identification and Assessment of Special Educational Needs and Disability. The school has appointed a Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator (SENDCo) to manage the Code. The Code recommends that schools should meet the needs of the child through stages, which match the level of help to the needs of the child.

SEND Code of Practice

School Intervention Programmes The class teacher meets the needs of the children through differentiation within the class room environment. The class teachers inform parents, the SENDCo and Head teacher of their concerns if further support is needed that is ‘additional to and different from the class provision’. Such school based intervention programmes are recorded on individual provision maps. This is agreed, implemented and reviewed each term.

Outside Agency Involvement
If an outside agency, such as an occupational therapist, speech therapist or educational psychologist is involved in supporting a child with SEND, then a SEND support plan is completed. This cites short term targets, and states the opinions of both child and parent. The SEND Support Plan is agreed, implemented and reviewed each term.

Educational, Health and Care Plan
If there are continuing concern the Educational Psychologist Service is asked to advise the parents and school. Should it be considered that the child is not making appropriate progress, then a request for an ‘Educational, Health and Care Plan’ assessment may be considered. An EHCP is awarded by the local authority following a successful assessment. The EHCP is reviewed annually by the school team, parents, health professionals and the attached Educational Psychologist.

The SEND Register

Children who receive extra support from a school based intervention programme, involvement from an outside agency or have an EHCP are placed on the school’s SEND Register.

SEND Information Report 2019

SEND Policy updated Nov 2017 (draft)

What is a Local SEND Offer?

What is the Croydon Local Offer for SEND?