Year One

Teaching and learning in Year One provides the children with the practical opportunities they need to develop their understanding of key concepts, thinking skills and to build positive relationships. The children are taught all National Curriculum subjects through cross curricular topics. This learning is enriched by educational visits, special days and themed weeks. We are currently using the cross-curricula theme of ‘How can we use our senses to explore the environment?’. We use  cross-curricula themes to ensure breadth and balance; progression and continuity through our core subjects of English, Maths, Science and Religious Studies as well as Computing, Design Technology, History, Geography, Art, Music and P.E.
We are currently working to the following Learning Plans:
Year 1  term plan Summer2

Previous Plans
Year 1 term plan Summer 1 
Spring 2 Learning Plan Year One
Spring 1 Learning Plan Year One
Autumn 2nd half 2016