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Year Two

In Year 2, we continue to teach and learn through topics; wherever possible finding cross-curricular links to further enhance the children’s learning. We focus on a new topic each half term, these are: Musical Stories; London; Moving Toys; Rainforests; Stories from other Cultures and Under the Ground. The children particularly enjoy learning about the historical events of the Gunpowder Plot, Plague and Great Fire during the ‘London’ topic while the ‘Rainforests’ topic provides them with the opportunity to discover many interesting facts about plants and animals in faraway places. Over the course of the year the children enjoy a wide range of physical and creative activities, often linked to the topic. The children’s skills and knowledge are developed throughout the year, preparing them for the transition to the juniors and Year 3.

We are currently working to the following learning plans:
Yr2  Learning Plan Foundation Subjects Autumn 2 2018
Yr2 Learning Plan Maths Autumn 2 2018
Yr2 Learning Plan English Science Autumn2 2018

Previous Plans
Yr2 Learning Plan English & Science Autumn1 2018
Yr2 Learning Plan Maths Autumn 1 2018
Yr2 Learning Plan Foundation Autumn 1 2018